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121c Boards- ROVER 22"

The Rover

Pure Carbon

Hawgs Rocket Wheels


The Design

Reflecting its high-tech origin.
An old-school, surfboard shaped cruiser just wouldn't cut it. The carbon fiber used is used in the production of rockets and high performing aircraft. It from this, we looked to the sharp stealth cutouts of the F-117 Nighthawk and sleek hypersonic airfoil. 

Designing the Skateboard of the 21st Century

- Made in the USA -
Proudly from Southern California
We never compromise quality and neither should you. Each board was handcrafted with highest quality components from local distributors including Randal Trucks, Fireball, and Shark Wheels.

- 100% -
Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber

The exact same stuff spaceships are made of, seriously. The carbon used in our decks is up-cycled material used in the production of modern day rockets and fighter jets, far better than any consumer grade material.

- Protecting our Landfills -
One board at a Time

Carbon fiber is a hazardous waste and over 10,000,000 pounds of it are trashed each year in the space industry alone. Each 121C board saves up to 5 pounds of material that would otherwise be found in a landfill.

Yes, the 121C team actually sent a skateboard to the edge of space! Inspired by the record setting space jump of Fearless Felix Baumgartner, we lofted our prototype carbon fiber Rover skateboard high above California’s Mojave Desert with a helium balloon.  We recorded the event with a VR camera rig provided by USC student Tong Liu. You can share this experience in VR on your smartphone. 

You can experience the flight of the rover in VR on your iPhone or Android device while 121C spokesperson and former NASA astronaut Michael López-Alegría provides a compelling narration. “Mike LA” relates what your viewing to his experiences during Soyuz launch to the International Space Station.

Skate Space 1

Be sure to look straight up at 1:50 – 2:00 to watch the balloon explode as the Earth’s thin atmosphere gives way to vacuum. It’s very cool. Then watch out! As our parachute deploys, the spinning that results may challenge your equilibrium and your stomach.