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Martian Space Program- Recruiting YOU! Classic Wall Stickers and Canvas Prints

Recruiting NOW! These unique and vintage feel Martian recruiting posters are perfect in any home. Whether you are a welder, terraformer, or an arm chair supporter of the Space Force, these decal prints will add warmth and conversation. Easy peel removal.

DO be sure to check BOTH measurements, AND whether you prefer a sticky decal or Print before ordering! As always, thank you for your support, and let's Go Interstellar!

Specification: Single-piece Package
Pattern:Space Decal- Plane Wall Sticker
Style: Classic/ Vintage style. Decorative DIY Wall Stickers Vintage Poster Home Decor
Material: Paper
White Coated Wall Sticker: Decorative Poster Wall Sticker
Classic Vintage Retro Kraft Poster: Home Decor Gift


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