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Illuminating Astro Friend Night Light. Stellar Sweetness.

Our Astronaut night light is pure stellar sweetness.

A perfect addition to any future voyager's room. The warm soft light chases away all worries that can linger in dim corners.

Chase the dark matter away with one or five of these adorable pet inspired astronaut night lite. Whether your decorating theme is moon and stars, bears, puppies or kittens, this is a perfect way to light the future generations sleep and reading space. A perfect gift for baby showers, birthday parties and of course, as a lovely and well received Holiday gift.

Brighten a nursery, or child's room with these adorable, brave astro- adventurers!

Battery operated LED light

LR1130 Cell Battery 

(AG10/ LR1130/ L1131/390/RW39/V390 )




All sales are final. We only offer exchanges for damaged products. To exchange your item, a photo of damaged item MUST be included for exchange request. Please allow 6- 8 weeks for delivery. Due to the holiday buying season, shipping could take longer, so order early!

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Emitting Color
Astro Bear big
Astro Bear small
Stellar Pup big
Stellar Pup small
Cosmic Cat big
Cosmic Cat small
Star small
Moon small